Easter Weekend

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Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a weekend celebrating the Risen King! But it’s also a weekend to spend with family. and lately I have been treasuring the time with them even more. the Lord blessed me with an incredible earthly family, and my time with them is never long enough.

Jake and I traveled to my house late Thursday night. a long trip was rewarded with sweet hugs from the people I love the most!

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{my mom is so creative}

Friday was the good Friday service at our church and we attended as a family.

Saturday was a girls day full of shopping, we can’t help ourselves. and the night ended with a little competitive backgammon with my dad. I can proudly say I finally kicked his butt.

Easter Sunday was quite the day. We celebrated Jesus all morning, while wearing our matching outfits (the boys get embarrassed). we have this tradition. every year my mom chooses a color and that is our theme for our Easter outfits. clearly, this year was pink. an Easter egg hunt is always apart of out traditions, it is just a little different now that we are all grown. there was hip-checking, stealing, and tackling. that’s what happens when the eggs are no longer filled with candy, but now money.

Easter dinner was delicious and reminded me just how much I missed my moms cooking. we gathered around the table and enjoyed a spread of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus, bruschetta, cauliflower. it was delicious.

the afternoon ended on the front porch, enjoying the mini cheesecakes my mom made. it was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

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Casual Weekends

I have to be honest. this weekend was unproductive. Do you ever have those weekends? you have so much to do, plan out all that your going to do and then do absolutely nothing. well that was me. it’s a serious, serious miracle I even got showered and dressed on Saturday.

besides making you feel seriously unproductive, lazy days are the best. they rejuvenate you, lift up your spirits, and put you in a better mood. people, give yourself time for a lazy Saturday. it’s well worth it.

I did some shopping with girlfriends this weekend, and found the cutest maxi dress, that hallelujah doesn’t have to be hemmed for this 5’1’’ girl. we also visited with some friends and met there brand new 6 week old baby twin girls. they were full of cuteness and my roommate and I couldn’t get enough of holding them.

Sunday was a treat. Jake came home after a couple of days in Ohio and it was so so good to see him. we spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon laying in a hammock talking about our weekends, I am blessed to be dating an adventurous man, and had a dinner date at Panera and movie date to see Captain America.

it was a good weekend. full of sweet little things.




this is weekend style at its finest. there’s nothing like ripped jeans and tenny’s.

jeans: forever 21

shirt: forever21

it’s the little things

this weekend was one for the books.

now before you think I did something stinkin’ incredibly awesome, I’ll tell you that it was a quiet, slow, just what I needed kinda weekend. these are my favorite kinds of weekend, and I try to cherish every second of free time I have.

Friday was a day spent eating chipotle, shopping, and taking silly pictures.

we are too much fun, I know.

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Saturday began with school work and lazy Saturday chillin’. our plan was to spend the day exploring the city but the weather had a different idea for our night. so we settled for dinner and a movie. we wanted to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants that probably serves the best food I have ever tasted. but our hungry bellies could not take the 45 minute wait and we found ourselves at another one of our favorite quick food restaurants, Beni’s Cafe for some good ole’ Japanese cuisine.

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chicken teppanyaki knows the way to my heart. every time.

we ended the night snuggled up watching Saving Mr. Banks, a wonderful movie telling the story behind one of my childhood favorites, Mary Poppins! it took a while for us to get into the movie, it had a slow beginning. but once we did, we loved it! and I highly recommend it.

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just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

and sugar we had. we enjoyed strawberry’s and angel food cake with some friends.

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Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend. Jake and I went to church and the sermon was powerful. God’s love is so amazingly overwhelming.

in our usual Sunday fashion we enjoyed a matinee at a local theatre following church. we got adventurous and went to the sweetest little town to enjoy a movie at an old fashioned theatre. this theatre only shows one movie at a time, everything is covered in red velvet, and every seat was filled with the entire elderly population in the neighborhood. we loved it! I have always had a special place in my heart for the elderly, and it was a sweet sweet sound to hear them laughing at the movie.

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we saw the grand Budapest hotel. a quirky movie by one of jakes favorite directors. we followed the movie with a stop at a homemade ice cream parlor.


this is banana chocolate chip, and coffee oreo. holy yummy ice cream. we will be returning to this darling little place, that’s for sure!

this weekend was not planned, and was not grand in any sense. but it was my kinda weekend. it was a weekend spent with my roommates, my man who I see less and less during the week, and time growing in God’s love. it was a weekend where I laughed until my belly hurt and ate until my belly was full.

it was my kinda’ weekend, full of little, wonderful things.

Opening Ceremony

my boyfriend is 100% Norwegian. he takes great pride in this, and I love the sense of heritage that he can identify with. the olympics are so much fun to watch with him because he is not only rooting for USA but also for Norway. the opening ceremony on friday had our butts on the couch enjoying the parade of country’s. we got a little sidetracked and had the fabulous idea to make brownies. there is never a bad time for brownies, especially ones with peanut butter chips inside! once all the ingredients were mixed we realized the oven was not working. my heart broke. we then came up with the brilliant idea to cook them in the microwave. the microwave has saved me on many occasions. I highly recommend brownie-in-a-mug, and was so pleased. it was delicious, and so convenient. I am a fan of both of those!

brownie in a mug

saturday morning came with a short trip to the mall for returns and a late breakfast with jake. we enjoyed bagels with spinach and artichoke cream cheese, my bagel was honey wheat with oats on the outside (SO GOOD), a blueberry muffin, and coconut coffee. this was my first breakfast adventure to coffee break café and I enjoyed everything we got.

saturday night was date night and we bundled up for a night in boston.

boston date night

we enjoyed dinner at a cute little italian restaurant in the northend. the food was delicious and the entire restaurant was decorated with candles and christmas lights. I was a happy girl.


for dessert we stopped by modern pastry and got a cannoli with slivered almonds. we went across the street to the thinking cup and ate our cannoli while drinking a latte. you should probably know that I am not a huge coffee drinker. jake, unlike me, loves coffee and since we were sharing I tried to be adventurous and ordered us a latte instead of my usual chai tea. lets just say that jake enjoyed a latte that night. I’ll have to work myself up to coffee that strong. yikes. it was a little too strong for me, but I love the designs they do and I had to snap a picture.

the monuments men

following church on sunday, in our usual sunday fashion, we went to a matinee. the monuments men was released this weekend and jake suggested that we go to see it. the movie is set in world war II and tells the true story about a group of men who risk there lives to save historical artwork that was stolen during hitler’s reign. the story was fascinating, but the time of day was not the best for me. about a half hour through the movie I had nestled my head into jakes shoulder and I was out. in my defense he has one comfy shoulder. I am notorious for falling asleep in movies. I guess the theatre is no different. the movie was not my favorite, but had a great cast and an interesting story line. we’ll try again once it comes out on dvd, and hopefully I can make it through the whole movie.

I ended the weekend chatting with my cousins girlfriend as we watched the boys play soccer at an indoor facility. it was fun to catch up with her and I love watching jake play soccer. I know I am biased, but he is seriously good. I am one proud girlfriend.

I hope you all had a wondeful weekend! and have an even better week.