The Sunshine State

“Take me back”, are the only words running through my head at this very moment. getting out of the car in Boston was painful and I felt the chill right down to my bones. maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

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for the past week I have been in the sunny state of Florida. a group of 9 of us traveled to Orlando for spring break and had an amazing time exploring, laying by the pool, and having the full Disney experience. we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge, a beautiful hotel surrounding a safari of animals. no joke, there were zebras and giraffes off of our balcony

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we were so fortunate to have free tickets to all of the Disney parks because Jake’s cousins work there as well as a free hotel. it was quite the treat and we were so thankful. there is nothing like vacationing with your best friends.

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meet my 3 beautiful roommates! they are all so special to me and I loved sharing this week with them.

we started off the week at Magic Kingdom for the infamous dapper day. everyone was dressed up fancy, and many people looked like they were straight out of the 40’s. it was so fun to watch and the park was open until 3 am. I had so much reliving my childhood and all the memories I have from when I was little.


a few days at the pool followed and we all got some serious sun. we played volleyball, slid down water slides, and enjoyed relaxing in the sun.

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our last two days were spent park hopping. we were at the front gate of Animal Kingdom at 8 a.m. and didn’t leave Magic Kingdom until 1 a.m. It was quite the day starting with a safari, to the rockin’ roller coaster at Hollywood studies, then dinner in Epcot, ending with seeing the beautiful light show in Magic Kingdom.

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our week ended with a special day with my man. we set out early Friday morning for a day in sea world, just the two of us. we had a wonderful time with the group all week, but it was so nice to finally spend some quality time with Jake. we pet stingrays, rode some insane rollercoasters, and watched the dolphin, sea lion, and killer whale show. it was an incredible day, the best way to end this vacation.

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