Thankful Thursday

I think it is so important to reflect back on all of the blessing in your life. for some reason it is so easy to count the disappointments, and let downs. but so important to replace these thoughts with thankfulness.

I use thankful Thursday as a way to reflect on the past week and see all the ways I have been blessed and to thank God for continuously providing.

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I really got lucky. he lifts me up in prayer, keeps me grounded, laughs at my jokes, holds me when I’m sick, shares in my joys and accomplishments, and whole heartedly loves me.

he is such a blessing to me. the Lord has really been working in our relationship and we have both found new ways to love and support one another. as often as we can, we pray together. this is more important than I ever realized and God is continually strengthening us as couple.

I’ve recently been interviewing for a position for next year to complete my practicum. I got offered both of the positions that I applied for and I am so excited to start my career.


for some crazy, weird, awesome reason I have been filled with contentment lately. I am SO thankful that the lord is bringing me peace and making my heart content. do you ever feel like you pray and pray for something but it never gets answered? it’s frustrating! and that’s how I was starting to feel. I wanted so badly to be content with where I was in my life. but he answered my prayers in more ways than I could ever imagine. it was a reminder to never give up on him because I promise he wont give up on you.

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this is just another one of the many pictures from Florida. what a great trip with some pretty special people.

i hope you have a wonderful Thursday. be thankful, even for the little things!


Thankful Thursday


 classes were cancelled yesterday and the snow kept falling! i was one happy girl.

jake and i set out on an adventure to find breakfast.

adventures with him are always my favorite.

we landed at dunkin donuts (it was the closest) and enjoyed bagels and coffee

i was seriously cold but i was seriously happy.

snow ball after snowball was thrown and as i got tackled into a mound of snow i couldn’t help but smile.

i am so thankful for snowy days and snowball fights.


learn to do right; seek justice

Defend the oppressed.

take up the cause of the fatherless;

    plead the case of the widow.

isaiah 1:17

this verse was spoken at a concert i was at in january. the words rang true to the call god has put on my life and i was a amazed at how god had already put into words in isaiah what he was calling me to do. this isn’t an easy task by any means. but this is what i am choosing to devote my life to.


these gloves are a godsend. no joke.

i am so unbelievably thankful for the warmth they bring me on these cold winter days.

and they have special texting fingers. hello! does it get much better than that?


 jake and i have a tradition. i am a girl who loves traditions.

every sunday after church we go to a matinee.

this sunday he made a trip to brooklyn  to visit with his brothers.

so to make up for it we went tuesday night – five dollar night – and he let me choose the movie! (this does not happen often)

so we set out for a date night.

we stuffed our faces with chocolate and popcorn, it was a treat.

the movie we were not too impressed with. a little bit of a bummer.

needless to say i think it will be a while before i pick again.

Thankful Thursday

how simple is this.

my motto as i headed into 2014 was to find joy in the ordinary. 

this seemed like an easy task, and as i find myself already heading into february i am proved wrong, this wasn’t as easy as i had once thought.

i tend to worry, a lot. i have high expectations, always.

this has always been apart of me, usually getting in the way of my happiness.

i challenge myself, and you, to live in a simple way, enjoy the little things, and laugh a lot.