Easter Weekend

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Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a weekend celebrating the Risen King! But it’s also a weekend to spend with family. and lately I have been treasuring the time with them even more. the Lord blessed me with an incredible earthly family, and my time with them is never long enough.

Jake and I traveled to my house late Thursday night. a long trip was rewarded with sweet hugs from the people I love the most!

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{my mom is so creative}

Friday was the good Friday service at our church and we attended as a family.

Saturday was a girls day full of shopping, we can’t help ourselves. and the night ended with a little competitive backgammon with my dad. I can proudly say I finally kicked his butt.

Easter Sunday was quite the day. We celebrated Jesus all morning, while wearing our matching outfits (the boys get embarrassed). we have this tradition. every year my mom chooses a color and that is our theme for our Easter outfits. clearly, this year was pink. an Easter egg hunt is always apart of out traditions, it is just a little different now that we are all grown. there was hip-checking, stealing, and tackling. that’s what happens when the eggs are no longer filled with candy, but now money.

Easter dinner was delicious and reminded me just how much I missed my moms cooking. we gathered around the table and enjoyed a spread of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus, bruschetta, cauliflower. it was delicious.

the afternoon ended on the front porch, enjoying the mini cheesecakes my mom made. it was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

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Springing into Spring

we have had one heck of a winter. and I am happy to say, it is moving on out! there is so much anticipation and excitement when it starts to get warm out and there are so many new things to do! .

I love adventures. hiking the Appalachian trail or vacationing in Italy, or getting married is what most people would consider an adventure. I agree. i wish i had the finances and the time to take these big adventures. but I also think taking a walk to get ice cream is an adventure. adventures can be little, these require little planning, and are often times done on a whim, or they can be huge, and planned out in advance! I encourage you to appreciate the little adventures, they happen far more often than the big ones.

here’s a list to get you started on some spring adventures. enjoy!


1. go for frozen yogurt. we are frequent sweet frog customers

2. take a walk.

3. explore a new town.

4. eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside.

5. clean out your closet and bring it to goodwill.

6. spring cleaning! there is no better time to do extreme cleaning.

7. go hiking.

8. pick a restaurant, in walking distance, and set out on an adventure.

9. find a bench and read. I am starting this book today.

10. go shopping, or in my case, window shopping!

11. DIY projects. this wreath made me so excited for spring and sparked my creativity.

12. outdoor workouts. running is so much more enjoyable when the sun is shining.

13. visit a historic landmark. find free museums, tours, or historic places your town has to offer.

14. go to a farmers market and get delicious fruits and vegetables.

15. find outdoor concerts. some towns have schedules of nightly events during the spring and summer months.

16. make smoothies/milkshakes.

17. yard sales. have one or find one. it’s a great way to clean out your house and a place to find hidden gems.

18. golfing is a fun, cheap activity. mini golfing, driving ranges, or 18 hole course are all fun options.

19. go to an amusement park. six flags opens in April and we are currently planning a day trip.

20. serve. help a friend out with yard work, serve at a homeless shelter, or volunteer at a nursing home.

now it is time to dust off the floral clothes, put the boots away, and get outside. have fun exploring, finding new places, and making memories. and don’t forget to let me know of the adventures you have!