P H O T O G R A P H Y & the 8th grade dance

I recently (in the past few months) started using and liking my camera! I got a nikon d70 this year for christmas from a discounted online camera shop, KEH, along with a nikon 70-300 mm lens. These two got little use for the first couple of months, mainly because I was getting so frustrated with how little I knew about my camera and photography in general. I tried to look through tutorials on shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. But i was so lost. It’s taken me a while to learn this about myself, BUT i have a hard time sticking with things that I am not all that great at, or that require time to get good at. I understand how lame and pathetic that sounds but It’s true, and It’s something I am working on. Starting with my photography. I have plans for taking a photography class this summer, and have begun just bringing my camera with me places to begin simply taking photos. Sometimes thats a hurdle in itself. It’s amazing how just practicing the art of taking photos, helps in reaching the goal of taking GOOD photos (genius, i know).

My little sister is the prettiest, goofiest, funnest 14 year old i know, and has been my sidekick for most of my life. It’s hard to believe that we sent her off to her 8th grade dance last weekend. Not to mention she looked like an absolute babe. It had just rained outside and everything was so green and beautiful but i had NO idea how awesome these pictures were going to be. My number 1 goal has always been in focus subjects and blurry backgrounds (please admire the first photo- I did it!). It definitely helps that i had a beautiful subject, but i am so happy with how these pictures turned out and it was a little bit of a confidence boost for my photography skills. I can do this! And more importantly, I am GOING to do this!

IMG_5831 IMG_5934IMG_5840IMG_5933IMG_5842 IMG_5844

All of that to say, don’t give up because something is too difficult or because it requires time to develop the skills. The time and effort put into whatever your passions, or potential passions will be, will be well worth it. I still have no idea to shoot out of manual mode, and I edit all of my photos on my Iphone, but I am committing some time to figuring it all out and being patient with the process.