Do More of What Makes You Happy

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when I move back home for these summer months there is always a time period where I need to get back into my groove. I need time to find my place, find what I enjoy doing, and start doing them! I have found my groove, I have found my place, and I need to start doing more of what makes me happy. because I’ll let you in on a little secret, being happy is good for the soul. real good.

last summer I made a Summer Wishlist/To-Do List, full of new things I wanted to try, goals, and adventures – things that make me happy but that I often times don’t give time for. to say I failed at accomplishing these things would be an understatement. but I don’t like failing at things(who does), so I thought I would give this whole summer wish list another go. My thought process was that if I put my list up on this blog it would be a way to keep me accountable.  {We’ll see how this goes}

without further ado …

Summer Pursuit to Happiness

1. read 2 books a month. I love to read, and recently got a kindle. it is one of my favorite ways to end a night and I want to make sure I’m setting aside time to do this.

2. go camping. we are hopefully taking a big camping trip this summer, so I may have cheated with putting this one on the list. oops.

3. visit my cousins in North Carolina. this is another cheat. please forgive. my mom and I are currently planning a trip to visit my cousin Heather and her family this summer. Heather has always been like a big sister to me and I wish we lived closer so we could do more together.

4. attend a country concert. Ever since I was in high school I have been a HUGE Rascal Flatts fan. Like, know every word to every song, kinda fan. going to one of his concerts would be ideal! where I’m from, country concerts are a big deal and happen fairly often. I have never been! and this is about to change, this summer.

5. tie-dye some stuff. or everything in sight. I do this every summer. I. love. tie. dying.

6. refashion 4 pieces of clothing. my sewing machine that I got for Christmas is needing some serious loving. so I intend to give it to her. 

7. go fishing. I feel as though summer isn’t complete until you’ve caught some fishies at least once.

8. clean my entire closet. {yikes} seriously, this needs to be done. I have clothes bursting at the seams. and it’s a walk in closet. and I have just donated 4 bags. jeesh. this is a must.

9. paint my nails weekly. I rarely feel put together. in fact, most days I feel rushed to get ready, my rooms a mess(see #8), and I have to wear a uniform to work. you get the picture. but for some odd reason, if my nails look nice- I feel nice. weird correlation, I know. but I’m going with it. and if something as simple as throwing a few coats of polish helps this girl feel a whole lot more put together, then I am going to do my darndest to keep it up.

10. get good at tennis. because right now, I don’t even know how to keep a constant volley.

11. utilize my Pinterest boards on a regular basis. I LOVE PINTEREST. it is inspiration when you’re all out of ideas, it is a cook book when you don’t have one near by, it is full of dreams when you feel stuck, you get the idea. I pin so many awesome ideas and I want to begin to put them to use!

12. practice my golf swing. a new hobby, and the competitive girl in me loves to show her face. so naturally I need to get out there a kick some golf butt.

13. go hiking. hiking is something I do with jake. but since he isn’t here for the summer, I want to tackle a mountain on my own. and once I pick which one, I’ll let you know. stay tuned.

14. bike for 10 miles. biking has always intimidated me. Jake’s brother is an incredible biker and bikes roughly 20-30 miles a day. I have been slightly inspired by him. my goal is much smaller, but is something I want to accomplish.

15. be an encouragement/workout buddy for my momma. while I have workout goals of my own for this summer, my main goal is to be an encourager for my mom. she usually works out by herself, and I love being able to provide some company and a boost of encouragement for her.

16. go to the drive-in movies. we have a place close to us that I’ve been to a few times. my thought was to go with jake, any wedding planner fans? the scene at the movie on the lawn is probably one of my favorites from the movie. so romantic! but since he’s in England, we’ll have to do a girls outing.

I often times get to the end of the summer and kick myself for not doing more of what I wanted to. these months just fly by so quickly. I’m hoping that this list will help and that I am able to look back and continually check things off and keep myself accountable. don’t hesitate to give me a nudge and keep me in line. I need it sometimes.

lists work for me. give them a try. they could help you accomplish some things on your wish list and also help to create some new memories this summer. I promise to document my progress and I hope you all do the same. share some things on your list – I might need to add them to mine!


a season for everything

I have been MIA. like seriously, missing in action. I have been absent from this blog, but more importantly I have been missing from my life. I feel like life is passing me by and I am just watching it all happen. for a girl who likes to have control, this is not ok. but yet I don’t know what to do.

I am feeling stuck. like stuck in the mud and I can’t get out. or for my case, stuck in a season and I desperately want out. unproductive and not motivated would be the words to describe me right now. and who wants to be that?

you’ve heard it said. there is a season for everything. but heck, what do you do if you hate the season your in?

I am in the process of doing some things to get this girl out of the mud.  and maybe this will help if your in a similar place.

1. spend time with jesus. lately I haven’t been doing devotions, and there has been a serious shortage in my quiet time with God. well hello? I should already know. the times when I am farthest from God are the times I feel like things are farthest from being ok. so get back on that saddle and start praying, even if you don’t know what to say (yes, I’m speaking to myself as well.) also try mixing things up. if you usually spend quiet time with God by reading his word instead try praising him through music. if you need some suggestions for worship music- Kari Jobe is a favorite. that girl always speaks to my heart.

2. give yourself grace. it’s totally and completely ok to be in a season of laziness. know yourself, and give yourself much needed rest and forgiveness.

3. write out a schedule. I am a list girl. I write notes to myself and to-do-lists constantly and truthfully couldn’t make it through most days without them. write out a schedule and try to stick to it, include productive activities but also time of rest.  make sure to give your self time for a few hours of Netflix binging so you don’t spend the whole day indulging. guilty!

here’s a list I made to help me get through tomorrow. this is a small list, but gives room for fun, productivity, and rejuvenation. all things I am in desperate need of. so go on and make yourself a list, and start checking things off!

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these are just a few things that are currently helping me get back on my feet. there truly is a season for everything. lets embrace these seasons, as hard as they may be. lets work through these seasons, together. and lets always be leaning on God for the support he so freely gives.