Finding My Voice

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because I know you are all dying to know (sarcasm clearly), this beauty – the pic above –  was taken in the summer  and I just knew you would love it. I have been officially blogging for 1 month! as a new blogger I am still learning the ropes (and feel like I will be for a while). in my first month of blogging I have taken some embarrassing pictures, stayed up way too late writing a new post, and stalked more bloggers than I can count. when your just beginning, looking at other peoples blogs can be a huge encouragement and an even bigger discouragement. I found myself looking at blogs with sponsors  and comments up the ying-yang. i couldn’t help but feel like I was a small fish in a big pond. I was in a little over my head.

I thought the girls behind the blogs I was reading had perfect lives. the right outfit, perfect hair, wonderful marriages, gorgeous homes, winning personalities, you get the picture. so when it came to forming my blog I wanted to do the same! I found myself sprucing up my posts in hopes of portraying a girl without struggles or faults.

I apologize if I portrayed a person who isn’t me. some mornings I absolutely stink at putting an outfit together, my makeup and hair can absolutely look like crappola, I deal with personal struggles everyday, and my relationships with my family, friends, and boyfriend while so special and wonderful to me, are not free from conflict. my life is flawed and that’s ok. that’s how its supposed to be.

finding your voice can be really difficult in the blogging world. there are so many blogs out there, all with fresh new ideas and strong established voices. the whole reason I started blogging was because I was inspired by the blogs I read. but realizing that it takes time to establish yourself and create a unique piece of the internet was crucial for me. it might take a month, it might be right away, or it could be much longer, but after a while your blog will begin to feel like you.

I started a blog thinking I had a lot to offer the blogging world. ok maybe not a lot to offer. all I knew was that I had a desire to share my love for fashion, people, and life. I still think I do have something to offer. i have a love for fashion. but heck, there are more talented fashion bloggers out there. and that’s ok.

my passion for people is far greater than my passion for fashion. and I want my blog to reflect this. I want my blog to encourage and support people. I took a few days off from posting outfit posts and I really thought about what I wanted my blog to be. my life does not revolve around fashion. sweatshirt and ponytail days happen far too often for that to be possible. this is a blog about my life. most of the posts that I share are things that I am currently struggling with or topics that I know are hard for all of us or topics that I hope encourage and bring you all joy. my relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life, and that is what I want my blog and especially my life to revolve around.