High Five for Friday

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1. this past weekend was so, so special. I left feeling refreshed and renewed, the Lord knows how to do that like no other. Saturday morning 5 of us girls woke up to see the sunrise on the lake. we woke up at 6:20, that’s early for me, I am not a morning person that’s for sure. but there was something amazing about doing devotions as the sun was rising and being surrounded by woman of god who encourage and support you. this was my favorite part of the weekend, more like favorite part of my week.

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2. after my weekend away Jake treated me to a delicious breakfast at the Wheelhouse diner. the hot chocolate was delicious!


3.I may be the luckiest girl in the world as I am blessed with the sweetest parents. this came in the mail as a gift yesterday and I am so excited to start using it and to hopefully read far more often than I currently am.

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4. Jake left for a conference on wednesday and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. So before he left we treated ourselves to Thai food. It was so good and I was able to have the leftovers the next day.

5. This week I received the wedding invitation for my best friends wedding! She is getting married on May 31st, and the countdown is on. I cant wait to celebrate with her on her new adventure and I am honored to be apart of the most special day in her life.


High Five for Friday

this week I am linking up with LaurenElizabeth to participate in her High Five for Friday. This is a way to reflect back on your week and share a few of your favorite things.


1. I have searched high and low, right to left, over and under for a skin care system that I loved (so like everywhere!). I would like to introduce you to a miracle product that got delivered in the mail this week. Tea Tree Oil is known to fight bacteria and acne certainly is a type of bacteria. These products are from the body shop and there whole website is currently 40% off! Happy Shopping!

2. This weekend I am attending Breathe Retreat, a weekend get-a-way to spend some time with God with a bunch of awesome people. I have been on the committee to plan this event since September and I am so excited to see all that God has planned for this weekend. I always look forward to events where I can get away from the world for a little but and just worship.



3. I have recently had a desire to travel. for a momma and daddys girl, this is huge! I could never picture myself traveling, or spending time away from home, but I am so glad God is changing the desires of my heart and bringing me out of my comfort zone!

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4. On Tuesday I attended LEAD Day, Legislative Education and Advocacy Day at the State House. as a social worker, we are constantly a voice for others. this conference was an informational, inspiring day reminding me of why I love social work as much as I do.

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5. On Wednesday nights Jake plays in an indoor soccer league. I love watching him play and it’s also a time for my roommate and I to spend some time just talking together.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Spend some extra time with people you love, make sure your belly hurts from laughing, and please, for my sake, eat some really good food. let me tell ya, food is good for the soul.