well, it’s been a while. i sure did miss this! i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to start writing on this little blog of mine, but i was starting to get nostalgic so here i am! i took a hiatus, a year hiatus, and that may have been a tad too long. in this past year i have been an RA, completed a 420 hour internship, grown in my relationship with the lord, fallen more in love, moved to Virginia, graduated college, and am about to start my first REAL job. it has been one heck of a year full of growing, learning, and loving.


jake and taylor

i think what i missed most about blogging was the release it gave me. this blog gave me the chance to put into words my thoughts, the desires of my heart, challenges, and the daily happenings of life. so, all of this to say i think I’m gonna give this another shot. i don’t have an exact idea of how often i will post, or what i will be posting on, all i know is that i am ready to share on this blog again.

always, Taylor


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