High Five for Friday

this week I am linking up with LaurenElizabeth to participate in her High Five for Friday. This is a way to reflect back on your week and share a few of your favorite things.


1. I have searched high and low, right to left, over and under for a skin care system that I loved (so like everywhere!). I would like to introduce you to a miracle product that got delivered in the mail this week. Tea Tree Oil is known to fight bacteria and acne certainly is a type of bacteria. These products are from the body shop and there whole website is currently 40% off! Happy Shopping!

2. This weekend I am attending Breathe Retreat, a weekend get-a-way to spend some time with God with a bunch of awesome people. I have been on the committee to plan this event since September and I am so excited to see all that God has planned for this weekend. I always look forward to events where I can get away from the world for a little but and just worship.



3. I have recently had a desire to travel. for a momma and daddys girl, this is huge! I could never picture myself traveling, or spending time away from home, but I am so glad God is changing the desires of my heart and bringing me out of my comfort zone!

1-photo (26)

4. On Tuesday I attended LEAD Day, Legislative Education and Advocacy Day at the State House. as a social worker, we are constantly a voice for others. this conference was an informational, inspiring day reminding me of why I love social work as much as I do.

 1-photo (27)

5. On Wednesday nights Jake plays in an indoor soccer league. I love watching him play and it’s also a time for my roommate and I to spend some time just talking together.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Spend some extra time with people you love, make sure your belly hurts from laughing, and please, for my sake, eat some really good food. let me tell ya, food is good for the soul.


Dedicated to Change

“I’ve been Shaken from my head on down to my toes. Lord use me, take me where you want me to go. I can’t help it, my heart has been replaced with a face. I’m ready. These hands are dedicated to change.”

Hawk Nelson- Shaken


The Lord can use just about anything to get our attention. If your anything like me, busy and easily distracted, then you probably miss his voice often.

I always wondered how God talked to some people but not me. You often hear Christians say, “God told me to do this” and my thought was HOLY CRAP, THAT’S NOT FAIR! I longed to hear God’s voice in regards to the direction of my life, what decision I should make, and I wouldn’t have minded hearing his voice for why some things went horribly wrong for me. I learned to pray for signs instead of his voice and on a regular basis read the signs in a different way then he probably intended.

sadly, I have not become an expert on hearing God’s voice. this concept will probably always confuse me. but what I have done is prayed specifically, and paid attention. I paid attention to what he was doing in my life and even what songs he was having me constantly play on Spotify.

at about 12 years old, I was a die hard hawk nelson fan. I saw them in concert multiple times, and had all their cd’s .. I was in love! I haven’t listened to them in about 5 years and I was totally, and completely shaken by the this song. It wasn’t because I was in love with the lead singer (that was 8 years ago), it wasn’t because it had an awesome sound (ok, maybe a little), it was because the lyrics hit me hard. they struck me in a way that inspired me, encouraged me, and brought me to my knees in prayer. I found myself in full surrender to God asking him to “take me where he wanted me to go”.

“open my eyes and help me see, there’s a world outside of me”

there is a huge world outside of me. a world that needs Jesus, that needs change. I want to commit my life to this Jesus change that needs to happen in this world. I don’t know how to do this on my own, but I am open to his voice. I pray that I continually give my life to Him.

allow Jesus to have your attention. allow him to rock your world in ways you didn’t think he could. take time to seek his face, fully surrendering in his presence.

What it means to be fully known


it took me awhile to find myself. it took me a long time to figure out what I truly believed in, who I was, and what I wanted my life to look like. truthfully, I’m still on a journey to figure this out. everyday I am becoming more and more the person that God created me to be. but even in my time of confusion, doubt, and an identity crisis here or there, HE knew me. He knew my thoughts, my desires, the person I wanted to be, and the person I wanted to leave behind. He knew I would be ok, He knew I would find myself, and He was there every step of the way.

this is kind of a crazy concept, huh? that someone knows us completely and fully. the things we keep hidden from the world, our secrets, fears, selfishness and worries, HE knows.

Jesus knows the real you.

and He loves you!

for now we see only a reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 1 Corinthians 13:12

don’t be ashamed of the person you are or hide from the one who created you. instead be real. be transparent with the one who loves unconditionally and already KNOWS you. it may take a while for you to feel his love, his unconditional crazy love. it may be hard to leave the person you once were behind.  but once you do leave that person behind and are fully transparent with the God who made you, loves you, and already knows, you will have freedom like you haven’t experienced before. freedom to be the you He always designed you to be.

it’s the little things

this weekend was one for the books.

now before you think I did something stinkin’ incredibly awesome, I’ll tell you that it was a quiet, slow, just what I needed kinda weekend. these are my favorite kinds of weekend, and I try to cherish every second of free time I have.

Friday was a day spent eating chipotle, shopping, and taking silly pictures.

we are too much fun, I know.

1-photo 1 (2)1-photo 2 (2)

Saturday began with school work and lazy Saturday chillin’. our plan was to spend the day exploring the city but the weather had a different idea for our night. so we settled for dinner and a movie. we wanted to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants that probably serves the best food I have ever tasted. but our hungry bellies could not take the 45 minute wait and we found ourselves at another one of our favorite quick food restaurants, Beni’s Cafe for some good ole’ Japanese cuisine.

1-photo 3 (2)

chicken teppanyaki knows the way to my heart. every time.

we ended the night snuggled up watching Saving Mr. Banks, a wonderful movie telling the story behind one of my childhood favorites, Mary Poppins! it took a while for us to get into the movie, it had a slow beginning. but once we did, we loved it! and I highly recommend it.

1-photo 4 (1)

just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

and sugar we had. we enjoyed strawberry’s and angel food cake with some friends.

1-photo 1 (3)

Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend. Jake and I went to church and the sermon was powerful. God’s love is so amazingly overwhelming.

in our usual Sunday fashion we enjoyed a matinee at a local theatre following church. we got adventurous and went to the sweetest little town to enjoy a movie at an old fashioned theatre. this theatre only shows one movie at a time, everything is covered in red velvet, and every seat was filled with the entire elderly population in the neighborhood. we loved it! I have always had a special place in my heart for the elderly, and it was a sweet sweet sound to hear them laughing at the movie.

1-photo 2 (4)

we saw the grand Budapest hotel. a quirky movie by one of jakes favorite directors. we followed the movie with a stop at a homemade ice cream parlor.


this is banana chocolate chip, and coffee oreo. holy yummy ice cream. we will be returning to this darling little place, that’s for sure!

this weekend was not planned, and was not grand in any sense. but it was my kinda weekend. it was a weekend spent with my roommates, my man who I see less and less during the week, and time growing in God’s love. it was a weekend where I laughed until my belly hurt and ate until my belly was full.

it was my kinda’ weekend, full of little, wonderful things.