today was a get outta bed, throw your hair up kinda day. ya dig?

I’ll even let you in on a secret. I’m wearing a sleep shirt. (aka pajamas) yes, you heard that right. it has the cutest little boxers to go with it and I loved the shirt too much to allow my bed to just see it.

forever 21 has an awesome pajama section, and more often than not you can wear the shirts on a regular day. and for added bonus they are super cheap! $12 for the whole set.

considering I’m wearing pajamas, adding a necklace helped me feel a little more put together.

so if your looking for some new graphic tees or just some cute and cozy pj’s , I highly suggest checking out forever 21. and don’t leave me hangin’ as the only one who wears pajamas out.






pajama shirt: forever 21

jeans: forever 21, similar

necklace: forever 21

head to toe forever 21 people

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Feeling Enough

have you ever felt not good enough? or second par? do you take the time to be content with who you are? the answers are probably similar to mine. we all feel second best, and not good enough. and we rarely take time to be content with who God has made us.

a few weeks ago I found myself leaving a make-up counter in macy’s with a knot in my stomach and tears on the edge of my lids. it was the second time returning make-up (costing a pretty penny) that wasn’t making me feel beautiful. my skin wasn’t glowing like they said it would, my acne was still there, and my insecurities were blaring. as I was making my returns the consultant told me she wanted to try some things on my face. I swallowed my pride and sat in the middle of macy’s as she took off my safety net. lotion, moisture surge, primer, and 2 layers of foundation were slathered onto my face. she looked at me feeling proud of the work she had accomplished, assuming I would love what she had done. hope washed over my body, as I thought there would be a chance I would LOVE it. I had it all planned out. I would empty my bank account to purchase these “miracle” products (I hate to admit it, but I would do it in a heartbeat) and be a broke, beautiful skinned girl! as I lifted the mirror to my face I felt disappointment rush over me. it didn’t look like me and more importantly I don’t want to look like that. I was made up and not in a good way. the makeup accentuated my dry skin and acne, and hid all the things that I like about my skin. I politely told the woman that I didn’t think I would be purchasing any of the products, that they didn’t do what I was hope hoping for. she followed with saying that my skin was the problem not the products. I left feeling worthless, embarrassed, ugly.

maybe something similar has happened to you. or there have been times when you have felt inadequate and “not enough”. but please realize something. I was allowing the world to define my beauty. and I will never feel enough if I put my worth in things of this world.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139: 13-14

this people is truth. God made you! he made you unique and special. and every day, no matter what you have done, he thinks you are beautiful and wonderful. we are so lucky to have a father who always thinks we are enough.

Peachy Keen

happy friday!

another week has blown by and that means I’m another week closer to Florida.

the countdown is on. 16 days baby!

it was so foggy today and getting out of bed was rough this morning. getting dressed was even harder.

but the snowy landscape behind me was beautiful and I loved this sweet pathway.

pairing darker items with bright colors is a way to spice up the neutral winter. I don’t know about you but wearing something bright can brighten me up too.

so on this snowy, rainy day, I am feeling peachy keen. I advise you to break out some color on these snowy days.






sweater: old navy

dress: charlotte russe

necklace: forever 21

Cheetah and Tribal Print

we got a little taste of spring in boston today and I was one happy girl!

unfortunately it’s just a tease and theres an ice storm predicted for tomorrow, but I will enjoy it while it lasts!

I have some pretty exciting news! I got an interview for an internship for next year and while I already have butterflies of nervousness I also am so excited. this makes everything so real and I am so ready to start my career! so please send your prayers my way next week and I will keep you posted.

mixing patterns, textures, and styles is always fun. in this outfit I mixed pretty lace with an edgy faux leather jacket. blue cardigan and cheetah flats. and fun tribal earrings for some extra bling.






cardigan: forever 21

lace top: h&m

necklace: free as a bird boutique

flats: charlotte russe

jeans: hollister

purse: target