Celebrating 8 months!

Yesterday marked 8 months since the day that Jake told me that he loved me. Although months is no big deal, I still wanted to celebrate in some way. We are so fortunate in that we only live an hour and 15 minutes away from each other so it is easy to do short trips. I bought tickets for the Scranton/Wilkes barre Railriders game, which is one of the farm teams for the Yankees. First, you should probably know that my boyfriend is a huge Yankees fan, as in he knows probably every detail about the team (it is actually very impressive). So when I heard that DEREK JETER was going to be playing there I had to get tickets. I surprised him with the tickets and had him meet me at the stadium. I was very sneaky and brought in burritos from Pancheros and we were able to enjoy those during the first inning. First, out seats were amazing. Second, Derek Jeter was amazing. Third, and most important, Jake is amazing. We had an awesome night filled with baseball, burritos, lots of laughs, and fun!

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